2024 Notes

We’ve gotten off lucky for the last few years – but things have a way of evening out – and suspect this nasty stuff isn’t over for this year (Global warming or whatever - but then I have been wrong once or twice in the past 😊).

Just wanted to stay in touch – it’s too early to really do accurate 2024 quotes but currently the bushel prices would be $4.77 for corn and $12.01 for beans – the current CBOT bids for NOV beans and DEC corn. Both would be significantly lower than in 2023 – roughly 20%. That may or may not translate into lower premiums! There’s a “kicker” in the background called a ”volatility factor”. That factor is applied to the average of the daily futures closing prices for every trading day during February. The factor is simply a math process to reflect how much the markets are moving - at the moment, that 20% less than last year should be a good guess.

We’re working on updating this website. For one thing, we dropped our toll-free 888 number. It was getting very little use other than by telemarketers – and with our current arrangement of four separate offices – Jason was fielding all those calls – we have all our current cell and landline numbers posted on the website, and have been enclosing them on all these letters – it seems more efficient to just drop it (but I suppose, let us know if you disagree 😊). We have been paying for and doing limited modification to the website for years – lots of good information, but maybe not always as current as it should be – we’ll try harder. The plan is to post the 2024 prices as we go through the “discovery period” – for 2024 corn and beans, that is the full month of February.

We’ll also be posting data on our scheduled “Update Meeting” – certainly not something you have to attend, but hopefully educational and entertaining – and great food / snacks!!

The current meetings plan is :

We’ll obviously update you on the prices, quotes, and meetings as we get closer. Any suggestions or topics you might want us to address, please let us know. How about – “We’ll be in touch” one way or another – be careful and stay warm out there!!

Dale and all