2018 Notes

Prevented Planting – PP continues to be of interest to the powers that be – and more “tweaking” for 2018. The concept is that an approved PP claim will pay a percentage of the your normal MPCI coverage for the crop. For 25 years or so, PP has been an automatic part of all levels of MPCI coverage. The base percentage has been 60% of the normal coverage for your crop, but they dropped the factor to 55% for corn. There has always been an add-on option to bump the factors up by either 5% or 10%. If PP was a concern – which takes in the vast majority of ground in NE Ohio and western Pa. – we’ve always recommended the 10% option for everyone. The premium cost for the PT (10%) has been around $.25 per acre and pays 100 times that in a claim situation. The 2018 “tweak” drops the option to only 5% (PF) – cost appears to be $.10-11 per acre and will still be a good option for our area. Policies with the PT in the past will automatically convert to PF.

High Risk Land – Not a big concern in our area, and even less now. RMA has decided that the normal APH procedure account for the varied risk that some of the flood ground entails, and they have dropped the HR designations for many areas.