Hay and Forage Coverage

P.R.F. – (Pastureland-Rangeland-Forage) coverage is available for Ohio as a crop insurance product. The product protects solely for the lack of rainfall for specific locations – and is based solely on NOAA data for the fields. Annual sales closing date of 11/15.

You must cover a minimum of two different sets of consecutive months throughout the year. Covered acreage must be reported by the same CLU (Common Land Unit) standards as other MPCI products. This CLU data will then be used to determine the exact rainfall grid where the fields exist. There are multiple options as to how much coverage you can elect and you also have the option to cover only a portion of your insurable forage or pasture acres.

For Pennsylvania and FSA (Farm Service agency) – In addition to PRF, there are also forage tonnage and quality policies available. They are based on your own actual production history – and APH policy. The rub is that they are tough to administer. Proving your past yield history is very tough to accurately document, especially if you are harvest the crop as silage.

If you have any interest please contact us or the FSA offices, and we can get into specifics.