Hamilton Insurance Agency
Reporting and Claims Info

2020 YIELD REPORTING  - Forms have been mailed out to all insureds – the sooner those yields get into the system the better, but true deadline is 29 April 2021.   If you have any questions contact any of us.

2020 CLAIMS – It’s the insured’s responsibility to report any possible claims to the company – a lot of variables but you’d be safe if you notify them with 45 days of harvest - just contact any of us.  If there is any doubt at all you should submit a claim – and if you still have crops in the fields, you should submit a claim.  The End of Insurance for our area is 10 December – technically meaning that for corn and beans, any damage that occurs to the crop after that date is not covered by the policy.   By submitting a claim it gives the companies time to make appraisals or whatever to document the status of your crop.   Bottom line is that these are firm deadlines, and you’ll never collect if you don’t submit a claim!!